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HVAC Services

We service all make and models

We service all makes and models with continuing education on most major brands of equipment.
Even though your unit is turning on and air is blowing out of the vents, that doesn’t mean your unit
is operating correctly. Allowing your system to run can increase the cost of repair or even damage
it beyond repair. Here are a few things to listen and look for to help determine if you are in need of a repair.

What to look for

Here are a few things to listen and look for:
– High utility bills
– Unusual noises when the unit starts, stops or while it’s running
– Water on the floor of your furnace
– Strange odors from your vents
– Little or no airflow
– Your unit runs longer than usual to heat or cool before shutting off

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Residential Service

Air Conditioning

Local Heating And Air services all brands of equipment for residential and light commercial rooftop units. We specialize in maintaining your system and, in most cases, extending the life expectancy of your system from the standard 10-12 years to 10-15 years. We offer maintenance contacts to keep your system running at peak performance during the long hot summer, minimize breakdowns, and lower utility bills. Emergencies are going to happen and because they will your Local Heating And Air company offers 24-hour emergency service, 7 days a week. Special pricing for service contract customer no matter what time of day.


Our long cold winters can take a toll on your system. We service all brands of equipment from residential heat pumps, gas furnaces and boilers to light commercial rooftop units. Maintenance is important for a system to operate properly. It also serves to minimize breakdowns, lower utility bills, and keep your system operating at peak performance. All gas appliances should be checked every heating season for gas leaks, cracked or damaged heat exchangers and that safeties will properly shut your unit off if a problem does occur. Heat pumps absorb heat from the outside and need to be checked to ensure that they’re operating at full potential. This will minimize the amount of electric/auxiliary heat that’s required and thereby lower your utility bill. We also offer whole house humidifiers and service of all makes and models. Rest assured that your Local Heating And Air company will be there to keep you and your family warm all winter long.

Air Conditioning Unit

Commercial Service

Most commercial units are maintained by HVAC companies and are located on the roof. In my 24 years of experience, I have found that systems are not well maintained. Technicians only change filters quarterly. I call them filter slingers. Your Local Heating And Air company takes pride in its work—even if you can’t see your unit on the roof or in the ceiling of your office space. We offer quarterly service contracts, changing filters each time we come out while including a full inspection. Likewise, belts are changed every spring and heat exchangers are inspected every fall. We service all brands of commercial RTU’S and split systems and provide 24hr emergency service.

I.A.Q (Indoor Air Quality) For Residential And Commercial

Your Local Heating And Air company can provide you with quality name brand products to keep the indoor air in your home fresh and clean. We offer insightful information on standard disposable filters, as well as installation and maintenance of high-end media and electronic air cleaners, UV lights and humidifiers. A little-known fact about the air in your home: the EPA states that if you live within 2-3 miles of a major highway and within 10 miles of a construction site, the exhaust from cars and dust is in your home. This has the potential to harm you and your family, or damage your heating and air system.